Project: Innovation of the practical training experience of the students at Moravian College Olomouc

Grant giver: European Social Fund, Operational Programme - Education for Competetiveness, Other individual programmes, area of the support -  2.2

The main goal of the project is the innovation of the practical training experience of the students at Moravian College. This innovation reflects the school policy {long-term school vision}, in which the high professional knowledge level of our studetns as economists and managers is declared and guaranteed and on the top of it, a need of the real environment experience. Thanks the project obtained from the European Social Fund we support possibilities how to achieve complete theoretical and practical qualification.
Our attention is directed at an improvement of the current cooperation with  partners from private companies and public sector, but mostly at establishing new partnerships in order  to make a real professional training experience of the students. The Regional Economic Chamber of the Olomouc region as a partner of the project is a guarantor of the whole process of aquisiting possible employers in the region. We support this cooperation with new handbooks which are designed for companies to help them to get a better orientation in requests for the studetnt’s training experience development.  In the scope of the propaedeutic week the innovated topics with a support of tutorial and study materials will be presented in the particular classes. The pilot confirmation of the innovated system will be running during the summer semester of the academic year of 2010/2011 for the first year and for the second and third year it will be running during the winter semester of the academic year of 2011/2012. In the scope of the project the „Club of Alumni“ will be established and an information „Bulletin of Moravian College“ will be issuing as a quarterly. In November 2011  in the scope of the poject there will be organized the conference focused on the area of practical training experience of educational institutions.